Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the difference between heavy and medium resistance?

The heavy resistance is our smallest band at 13 inches (26-inch circumference), making it the most challenging resistance band we offer. In contrast, the medium resistance is 15 inches (26-inch circumference), making it our most versatile resistance band for all fitness levels!

• Which resistance band should I get?

If you're a beginner, we recommend starting with the medium resistance bands. Of course, you can use either resistance level for both bands, so it depends on your preference and fitness level!

• Are these bands fabric or rubber?

Booty Pump Bands are made with high-quality, durable fabric that will not rip, tear, roll, or pinch your skin! They're also strong and less stretchy compared to rubber or latex resistance bands.

• Do these bands have a grip on the inside?

Yes, there are two rubber strips on the inside of the band to prevent slipping or rolling.

• Can it work for me with leggings or shorts?

Yes, due to the durable and high-quality elastic fabric, it'll be easy on your legs by not burning or pinching your skin.

• Can men use them, too?

Yes, they're strong enough to support men. My husband, Joshua, weighs 250 lbs. and uses medium resistance whenever he works out. I can say that he loves them, too!

• How can I clean my Booty Pump Bands?

Soak your bands in warm water with some soap, and lay out to dry – however, we do not recommend doing this often as it can warp the fabric if done too much. The same cleaning protocol goes for the linen bag that each band comes with as well.

• Are they easy to carry?

Yes, they're lightweight and come with a linen bag, allowing you to stash it in a drawer, purse, gym bag, or suitcase!

• Can I return or exchange my Booty Pump Bands?

At this time, all items are final sales.

• Can I cancel my order?

The order may be canceled before the order gets shipped. However, once you have received your tracking information via email indicating that the order has been shipped, thus you will no longer be able to cancel the order.

If you do need to cancel the order and it meets this requirement, you can send an email to with the subject line "Order # Cancellation," and in the email, please ensure that you tell us your full name, order number, and email address that used to purchase.

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation of the order cancellation, and we will send the refund back to the payment method used to order. Please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to be cleared through your bank or card company.

• Can I change my shipping address?

The shipping address can be changed before the order gets shipped. Once you have received your tracking information via email that indicates the order has been sent; thus you will no longer be able to change your shipping address, and it meets this requirement.

In that case, you can send an email to with the subject line "Change Shipping Address Order #," and in the email, please ensure that you tell us your full name, order number, and shipping address you need it to change to so we can deliver it to the correct address.

Please Note: If you placed an order and provide the wrong shipping address and did not change it to the correct address before it gets sent back to our warehouse for whatever reason. Then, you'll be responsible for shipping it to the correct address; we'll contact you via email to obtain the correct shipping address and send you a link to pay for shipping.

• Can I change my order or add an item to my order?

After you have completed your order and placed it, you cannot change or add an item to an existing order; thus, we recommend placing a new order.

• I never received my email confirmation; what should I do?

First, please double check your spam, junk or promotion folder as frequently the emails end up there. If you have checked there and still no luck, the email likely entered for the order was misspelled at checkout. 

Please email with your full name used for the purchase, the order number if available, and add the correct email to ensure we can get that changed for you!

* All sales are final and shipping insurance is only included when you choose Priority Shipping at checkout. Ledbetter, Inc. is not responsible for any shipping issues due to address input errors or USPS handling errors.